Educational institutes reopened


Islamabad, June 07 (Online): The educational institutes have reopened all over the country including federal capital after long holidays due to corona virus.

The educational activities started again in the educational institutes in Lahore, Rawalpindi, Faisalabad and other cities in Punjab on Monday. The students attended the classes on Monday.

In other cities of the country including Abbottabad, Lower Dir, Bajore, Mansehra and other districts of KP and Balochistan the educational activities have been resumed. In Azad Kashmir the schools have also reopened.

The study hours of the schools and colleges are from 8 a.m to 1 pm.

As per NCOC directives only 50 percent attendance will be allowed in classes. The SOPs for protection against Corona virus will have to be adhered to compulsorily. The precautionary measures will also be taken in all educational institutes.. Spray have been conducted in all the schools for protection of the students. The banners of precautionary measures have also been put into display in colleges and schools. Half of the number of students will be allowed to sit in classes. The norms of social distancing will be adopted. No one will be allowed to enter into the educational institutions without checking his temperature. The students will not shake hands with any one. They will be persuaded to clean their hands.