Humaima Malik & Dua Malik Taunt Mohsin Abbas Haider


Islamabad – June 14 (Online): Humaima Malik is a famous Pakistani Celebrity who has gained name through her talented acting.
Recently, the actor has appeared in a tv show with her sister Dua Malik . The sisters were asked to review the singer & actor Mohsin Abbas Haider in a segment where they both showed complete hate on his pictures, the two turned their heads toward another side. After seeing the photo of Mohsin, the two sisters made extreamly weird faces as well.
Dua said,” He is a great actor”, she said it in an exceedingly taunting and meaningful tone. “He does great acting in real life”, Dua further added.
“May Allah help him, Keep on doing great acting but do it in real on television “, added Humaima .
To this question , Dua said , ” Mohsin and Sohail are very good friends and they are still good friends.