Imran stifling voice of opposition to hide facts of anti poor budget from poor masses: Bilawal Zardari


ISLAMABAD, June 17 (Online): PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has alleged PTI government is suppressing the voice of opposition to hide the facts of anti poor people budget from the people.

“Imran Khan should not think he would escape through use of abusive language and inappropriate attitude. We will continue to bring before the people all the alphabetic of the budget, he said this in a statement issued here Thursday.

He went on to say 17 percent decrease in the income of common man and 25 percent price hike in a year is the real face of Tabdeeli sarkar.

“ Imran Khan said dear country men the country has made progress. Imran Khan on one hand fixed the wages of the laborer Rs 20000 per month in the budget and on the other hand taxes of Rs 700 billion have been imposed, he remarked.

Imran Khan levied 17 percent sales tax on milk and related products in a country where every third child is facing food security problem. 17 percent sales tax is tantamount to massacring our children.

Every costly sip of tea will be the terrible price of Imran Khan slogan of change which has to be paid by people of the country, he observed.