Prosperity will come the day law moves against the powerful: Sheikh Rashid


ISLAMABAD, June 18 (Online): Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmad has said ring piston of the opposition are weak and they are full of waste.

“the prosperity will come the day law moves against the powerful”, he said this while addressing police here Friday.

Addressing the IG Police he said “ cleanse Islamabad from narcotics. Federal Police should arrest suppliers rather than those who are enjoying .

He went on to say an eagle squad comprising 150 motorcycles has been set up. Eliminating crimes from Islamabad is our mission.

“Prime Minister (PM) said capital flows into the country when there is peace and security therein, he remarked.
We will provide licenses to the needy people the day the bill is passed, he hinted. It has been noticed that the foreigners are harassed too much.

On the other hand we will end barricades on the way to Murree so that tourism could take stride, he added.

He declared that Rs 55 billion have been approved for nullah Leh. Sheikh Rashid will salute the day it completes.

Responding to a question he said the proposal is under consideration to enhance period of visas for Chinese from 90 days to 2 years.

It has been seen here the justice is not being administered, he said adding the day law will move against the powerful, prosperity will come here.