Ehsas program is PM priority program: Dr Sania Nishtar


ISLAMABAD, June 18 (Online): Dr Sania Nishtar, Special Assistant to Prime Minister (SAPM) and chairperson Ehsas Program has said Ehsas Program is the PM preferential program and Rs 260 have been allocated for Ehsas program in the budget for the financial year 2021-22.

She said while speaking in Senate Friday. She held we are going to start scholarships for the children from July 01.

She went on to say Sehat is separate program of Sahulat. We will take Sehat program to all over the country. The six month installment under Ehsas Kafalat program has been increased from Rs 12000 to 13000 from January. 10 big program will run out of this fund. We are going to integrate 10 million people in this program. This program is going to become the largest ever social security program of the country.

She pointed out 20 lac families will be included in Ehsas for special persons program. We will take Ehsas Nashonuma program to 50 districts this year. We will operate 150 Ehsas Nashonuma centres.

The system has been digitalized, she stated. Now the scholarships will be given not only to primary schools students but also to the secondary school students too. The scholarship amount has been increased. The amount has been increased of the girls students more than the boys students. 65000 scholarships have been granted on merit in the current year.

We will bring a new program in the name of Ehsas Tahaffuz program which is meant for those people who don’t hold sehat cards and they go to hospitals for their treatment, she declared.

The shelter program will be extended, she said adding their standard will be upgraded so that no one remains hungry.

Utility stores are now linked to Ehsad data now, she observed. Relief will be provided at utility stores to those who are deserving people.