Costly electricity brings all kind of price hike: PM


Dasu, June 18 (Online): Prime Minister Imran Khan has said costly electricity brings all kind of price hike and if cheap electricity becomes available in the country then inflation will go down in the future.

He said asu Dam will generate low-cost clean energy that will help reduce inflation and promote industrialization in the country.
He was talking to foreign engineers and workers at the site after reviewing construction work of the project on Friday.
The Prime Minister said industrialization will greatly contribute to progress of the country through wealth creation.
He said hydropower generation should have been given priority to produce cheap electricity. He said costly electricity causes inflation.
Imran Khan said he would appreciate the workers and consultants working on this complex project.
The phase one of Dasu Dam will be completed by 2025, which will add 2160 megawatts of electricity to the national grid. This capacity will increase to 4320 megawatts with the completion of its second phase by 2029.

Due to Tarbella and Mangla dam cheap electricity was generated and the country also made progress, he remarked.

The inflation will not go down forthwith due to supply of cheap electricity, he said adding it needs some time. Due to generation of cheap electricity by this project, country will benefit from it, he observed.