Budget, budget session both are illegal: Bilawal


ISLAMABAD, June 18 (Online): PPP chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has said budget and budget session both are illegal.

He said this while speaking in National Assembly (NA) here Friday.

He held Pakistan is an agriculture country and agriculture is backbone of the economy but only Rs 12 billion have been allocated for agriculture sector in the budget.

If economic development is taking place and economic situation is upbeat then we should come out of IMF program, he added.

We will not allow any one to commit robbery on the votes of the people this time, he remarked.

New NFC award has not been given so far, he said adding the budget will remain unconstitutional unless new NFC award is given.

Every member of assembly has right to attend budget session, he underlined. You are not issuing production orders. Khurshid Shah, Khawaja Asif Ali and Ali Wazir are not being brought, he added. Oppositio has to do opposition and if the government has to do opposition then who will run the government,

The claim of economic development is false, he said adding the laborers cannot send their children to schools due to Imran government inflation. Inflation in Pakistan is more than Afghanistan, Bangladesh and India due to Imran Khan. Every mother who cooks food in home knows it well that Imran Khan claim for development is false.

Imran Khan did not increase the salaries of the employees during COVID-19 virus, he held. PTI government deceived government employees.