If Pakistan gives air bases to US then terrorism will escalate in Pakistan: PM


WASHINGTON, June 22 (Online): Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan has said if Pakistan gives air bases to US then terrorism will escalate in Pakistan.

:”US could not win war through drone attacks but it fomented hatred”, he said this in his opinion published in Washington Post Tuesday
PM held Pakistan suffered heavily in wars in Afghanistan. Over 70000 Pakistanis were killed. US extended financial aid of 20 billion dollars while Pakistan economy suffered a loss of 150 billon dollars.

He went on to say Pakistan had to face terrorism after it joined US in war on terror. Pakistan was targeted as partner of US after it joined US efforts.

He underlined US pressurized to send army to tribal areas on Afghan borders. Over one million people were rendered homeless in North Waziristan which caused loss of billon of dollars. We already paid the heavy price. Now we can afford no more.

He remarked Afghan Taliban can not gain victory over all Afghanistan. We oppose any military occupation of Afghanistan.

Pakistan committed a mistake in the past by making selection among the warring Afghan parties. We learnt lesson from this mistake. Now there is no favorite group of ours therein. We will work with any government in Afghanistan which enjoys people support.

He observed Pakistan wants to avoid more conflicts in Afghanistan after US troops pull out. Pakistan is ready to become partner of US for peace in Afghanistan.

We want peace through dialogue and donot want civil war. If more civil war erupts then we will all go down the nullah.

He further wrote Pakistan and US have common interests in Afghanistan. The two countries want Afghanistan does not become haven for terrorists.

History proved that Afghanistan could never be controlled from outside, he said adding if US could not win with powerful army then how can it win in Afghanistan with the help of our bases. If we give bases to US then Pakistan will become target of terrorists. We hope Afghan government will demonstrate more leniency in talks, he underscored.

A new regional agreement can be reached for regional peace and development, he indicated. Neighbors of Afghanistan will promise they will not allow their land to be used against Afghanistan. .