Bilawal is parchi chairman: Gill


KARACHI, June 22 (Online): Special Assistant to Prime Minister Shahbaz Gill has said it is well known that Bilawal Bhutto Zardari is parchi chairman and why he should be worried about federation tax.

“Sindh government has not even achieved non tax revenue target. It is so much inept that it cannot achieve its own target”, he said this while addressing a press conference here in governor house Tuesday.
He held that even dacoits and thieves donot run the government this way. Ayyan Express flight used to come empty and returned duly packed. The entire money went outside the country.

He disclosed that Rs 5200 billion came in the name of people of Sindh and more than half of it were taken away by them. Sindh government fixed target of non tax revenue Rs 50 billion but it achieved only Rs 12 billion.

I am not saying this but the documents are telling this, he pointed out.

We will not allow you to devour it, he stated. Tax payers money is held by you. Why this cash has been kept.

Rs 102 billion were allocated for Sindh police but only 93 billion rupees were spent, he indicated. Rs 14 billion were allocated for agriculture and Rs 4 to 5 billion were saved by the Sindh government. People of Karachi and Sindh gave us heavy mandate therefore, we are answerable to people of Sindh.

All the waderas gave agriculture tax only Rs 610 million, he said adding they have been looting and plundering since the last 13 years.

Bilawal makes mention of donkeys for the reason because the donkeys are tied in the schools of Sindh, he remarked.

Health cards were not given to people in Sindh by Sindh government, he said. Why anti dog bite vaccine has not been purchased.

We will not provide them cash, he observed. Money is not spent on people of Sindh and it is taken away by Ayyan Ali.

Sindh spent Rs 20 billion on COVID-19 but it is not known where they have spent this money as vaccine was provided by the federation, Vaccine was provided to you more than your share, he questioned.

He held that PPP led government in Sindh has done nothing but has ruined s the province in last over thirteen years in the province.
He dispelled the impression that the province is neglected by federal government and said that 700 billion rupees allocated in federal budget for Ehsas programme Sindh is getting more than ten percent from its due share.
He said Sindh is getting its due share from NFC award and inspite of getting huge amount no development work has been carried out in the province.

Visit was undertaken of all the barrages of Sindh and they could not show incident of water theft anywhere, he indicated.