Sonu Nigam: I don’t update random things on social media,


MUMBAI, June 24 (Online): Singer and music composer Sonu Nigam, who relocated to Dubai, last year, is now back in Mumbai. Sonu is a great performer and has performed at many interesting concerts all over the world.
Ask him if he wishes to collaborate with international artists and he said, “I don’t plan or desire things. I am happy with life. If I keep saying I want to buy another mansion, I want this…or something else…people will feel I am ehsaan faramosh. I am blessed and I just work hard, do my riyaaz, work out, stay fit, be around happy people and avoid negative people.”

The singer however added that he has worked with international artists in the past. He said, “I had collaborated with Polish singer Natalia Lesz for my song Fire in the Sky. It did well and I am happy about it.”

The singer, who is honest and regularly posts interesting videos on his social media, shares, “I don’t believe in putting updates on social media about my favourite food or anything else. I will post a video or anything on social media only if I genuinely feel it.”

The singer, who is currently spending time with his father and sister in Mumbai is happy that he is at home. His wife Madhurima and son Nevaan are in Dubai. He said, “I could not meet my father for a long time due to the lockdown last year. Now I am spending quality time with my father and sister. My son is doing well and going to school in Dubai.”