Electric tariff scaled down by paisas 28 per unit


ISLAMABAD, June 29 (Online): National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) has accorded approval to curtail electricity tariff by 28 paisas per unit.

NEPRA heard application seeking reduction in cost of electricity by paisas 12 per unit under Fuel Adjustment Surcharge (FAS) for the month of May.
Raising question over production from costly power plants NEPRA inquired from National Power Construction Corporation (NPCC) authorities why they generated electricity from furnace oil and diesel in the month of May.

NPCC authorities replied they had to do so due to less availability of LNG. They had to face shortage of 140 MMCFD gas.

Chairman NEPRA said production cost increased due to poor system and running the cheap plants below their potential. Removing the defects in system is responsibility of NTDC. Why the entire Pakistan was affected due to you.
NEPRA approved curtailment in the cost of electricity by 28 paisas per unit. This will the consumers will get relief of 3.60 billion rupees in next month.

This decision will not be applicable to life line and K Electric consumers.