Civil war can flow into Pakistan if it erupts in Afghanistan:: PM


WASHINGTON, July 28 (Online): Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan has said Pakistan cannot afford the burden of more Afghan refugees and the civil war in Afghanistan can flow into Pakistan.

“ Pakistan will become target of terrorism if it gives bases to US. Pakistan stance is very clear and categorical that we have nothing to do with Afghan war”, he said this in an interview with a US media outlet, the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS),
PM held there are no safe havens of terrorists in Pakistan and there are camps of Afghan refugees only.
Allegation against Pakistan of sending 10000 militants to Afghanistan is ridiculous, he remarked. Why Afghanistan does not provide evidence in this regard. First of all Afghanistan should take back its refugees and then seek explanation from Pakistan.

He underlined there is no military solution to Afghan issue adding Pakistan is partner in peace in the region and we don’t want to become part of any confrontation in the region.
Pakistan will become target of terrorism if bases are given to US, he underscored.

Pakistan has rendered sacrifice of over 70000 lives , he stated. When Pakistan launched war against the terrorism then the suicide attacks were continuing in the country.

He observed we are suffering loss on economic front by fighting the war of US. Us aid is far less than our losses. Pakistan is being alleged for failures in Afghanistan.

He remarked Taliban were ready to talk with US and Afghan leadership but not with Ashraf Ghani. Therefore, the talks continued to be deadlocked. Pakistan played a key role in bringing US and Taliban on negotiation table. This was acknowledged by US special representative Zalme Khalil zad.

US and NATO forces have no capability to hold talks with the Taliban in the prevailing situation because Taliban are now considering them victorious, he said adding therefore, it is difficult to force them for a political solution.

Talks should have been held with Taliban at the time when there were one and half lac NATO forces in Afghanistan.

Prior to Afghan war, Alqaeda was present in Afghanistan, he observed. There were no militant Taliban in Pakistan.

If civil war erupts in Afghanistan, it will have repercussions in Pakistan and the civil war can flow into Pakistan as Pushtoons in large number are here in Pakistan and they can become victim of the civil war, he cautioned. We will never want so. There are already 3 million Afghan refugees in Pakistan and there can be influx of millions of refugees more into Pakistan following this situation. Our national economy cannot afford burden of more Afghan refugees.