Sheikh Rashid extends conditional invitation to opposition for talks


ISLAMABAD, August 02 (Online): Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid has extended conditional invitation to the opposition for talks.

“ Jumma bazaar of power hungry people is there. Imran Khan faces no threat from opposition. There is war of resistance and reconciliation between PML-N and PML-S. If Shahbaz Sharif is prepared to talk by burying the past then government is ready. If opposition leader comes to us then our first talk will focus on electronic voting machines. Opposition is now confined to TV programs and it has no one line and length now.”, he said this addressing a press conference here Monday.

He went on to say all the narratives of PML-N including reconciliation and resistance have been buried in Azad Kashmir and Sialkot. Reconciliation and resistance policies of PML-N and PML-S will meet failure.

He remarked its own polices have caused loss to PML-N. I had already said PML-N had no political future. They should take step forward for talks and government is ready to talk. But opposition leader should take start from electronic voting machines issue.

He observed Imran Khan faces no threat from PPP and PML-N. Opposition politics has been restricted to 40 cameras only. They will cut their fingers as they have no political future.

About Noor Makadam murder case he said parents, drivers and employees all are arrested. All the evidence is available. We can not get kill the accused persons in police encounter. Punishment will be awarded to them at every cost.

We will soon eliminate the encroachments along side the Islamabad seasonal nullahs, he held. Directives have been issued to district management.

Citing to border management he said the borders are safe. Afghan refugees are not coming. There are no Taliban in Pakistan.

He underlined we have completed the investigation into alleged kidnapping of daughter of Afghan ambassador. I have directed federal police facts be handed over to Afghan Investigation team after consultation with foreign office. Police is fully ready to give reply to any question if asked from Afghan investigation team.11 people have been arrested in the case and among them 4 are taxi drivers. They will be presented before team and they can take their interview if they want so.

He stated that Kashmir solidarity day will be observed on August 05 and one minute silence will be observed.

A meeting has been convened on Thursday to ensure law and order situation on the eve of Muharram ul Harram, he pointed out. All senior officers including all IGs will attend this meeting. We don’t want some one interferes in some one creed. All the steps will be taken to maintain law and order situation.

Capital Development City (CDC) has been directed to install 190 CCTV cameras in federal capital, he informed.

Deputy commissioner has been directed to remove all the encroachments along side the seasonal nullahs in Islamabad till August 30.

In NADRA all blue eyed people have been removed, he said adding 841 national identity cards have been blocked. Black sheep who were involved in making fake NICs have been expelled from NADRA. We have launched online visa system.

It has been deiced to give exemption for one month to the foreigners, he remarked. If they get extend visa period it is all right otherwise they should leave the country.

Fool proof security arrangements are in place for Chinese nationals, he indicated. Investigations into Dasu blast are underway.

Lal Haveli has been again targeted in firing and police are investigating into the matter, he stated.