Parizaad To Be Aired In Arabic Language Soon


ISLAMABAD, May 18th (Online): Parizaad was the block buster Pakistani television serial of 2021 and 2022, well, the serial aired on Hum Television Network. Fans loved the drama because of Ahmed Ali Akbar’s perfect portrayal of the main lead character Parizaad who was an average looking guy with the dark complexion. His portrayal of Parizaad made it a timeless hit. The drama garnered huge fame in Pakistan and everyone loved the story of the drama.

Well, the makers of the drama have recently announced that the drama will be aired in Arabic soon on Hum TV’s special channel/social media platform Hum Arabia. The name of Parizaad drama’s Arabic version is “Qareeban” which means “This Way”. The teaser of the drama has been shared by Ahmed Ali Akbar in a collaboration post with Hum TV Arabia. Here is the link to the teaser shared by the official account of Ahmed Ali Akbar and Hum Arabia.

Fans got excited to see the teaser of the drama and thought that it is the season 2 teaser. Many asked if season 2 is coming but the teaser was of the Arabic version of Parizaad. Fans said that it is another success for the actors and team of Parizaad. Fans were happy to see Parizaad teaser. Fans showered love on Ahmed Ali Akbar.