We can become good slaves by imitating others but cannot go ahead: PM


ISLAMABAD, August 16 (Online): Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan has said introducing uniform syllabus was his dream as single national curriculum will narrow down the difference.

The society was divided into two classes due to previous syllabus. Breaking chains of slavery is imperative. The chains of slavery were broken in Afghanistan but the chains of mental slavery were not broken. We can become good slaves by imitating others but cannot go ahead , he said this while launching first phase of Single national curriculum for students of grade 1-5 here Monday.

He remarked “ it was my 25 years old desire that a uniform education system is put in place in the country. But people used to say to me it was next to impossible.

During British era the society was divided into classes due to curriculum of past, he underlined the children of the rich people used to study in English medium schools in the past. Those who did not study in English medium educational institutions could not go to civil service.

He went on to say “ we did injustice after our independence that uniform education system was not implemented. The mind set of the children differ from each other due to division in education. When the elite class benefit from system then it does not allow to change it;. In the past this elite class was benefitting from education system.

“We know it well that we will have to face several difficulties in implementing uniform education system. But we can go ahead to great step after burning the boats.

“By adopting some one’s culture we give them message they are better than us. A slave mind can never do a big job. We can become good slave by imitating others but we cannot move forward because those who have innovative minds in the world go ahead., he remarked.

The chains of slavery have been broken in Afghanistan but the chains of mental slavery have not been broken, he underlined.

Imran Khan underlined the minorities will also be provided with opportunities to learn about their respective religions adding the very foundation of teachings of all the holy prophets is respect for humanity.

He observed the betterment of our youth lies in the fact that they learn from the unmatched achievements of Holy Prophet Muhammad Sallallaho Alaihe Wa Sallam Khatim-un-Nabiyeen.
He added this will also help our youth better understand the religion and they won’t be misled by the elements who misinterpret the religion for their vested interests.

He announced that Seerat ul Nabi will be taught in the syllabus of 9th and 10th class adding the life of Holy Prophet (PBUH) IS PART OF HISTORY. Humanity and morality is must with education.