NAB has no intent of taking political revenge


National Accountability Bureau (NAB) Chairman Justice (retd) Javed Iqbal on Thursday said that he shall resign from office if a link that even remotely indicates that the anti-corruption watchdog is working underhandedly for political gains is established.

The chairman’s remarks came after opposition leaders, at various occasions, alleged that the bureau was prosecuting people for political gains.

He assured that the accountability body’s aim was not to victimise leaders neither it has any connection with the country’s political functions.

Vowing that NAB is true to the state, Iqbal said that while governments may change, the state remains constant and the primary motive of the anti-graft body is to counter corruption.

He said anti-state actions shall bear consequences and the NAB — as an institution — is ‘devoted’ to its cause.

He added that eradicating corruption could improve people’s standards of living.

“NAB is working tirelessly to reform the nation’s institutions which were previously looting public wealth,” said Iqbal.

Reiterating his stance on the on-going accountability process NAB chief last week had said that that NAB is an impartial institution and pursuing the accountability process without any discrimination as per the law.

“In Pakistan, influential people were never completely held accountable as action had never been taken against the influential involved in corruption and obviously corruption increased gradually in the country,” he had said.

He said the NAB had focused and is the top most priority of the bureau is eradication of mega corruption, which would help in minimising the lower level corruption in the country. He said that there is an impression that due to NAB business community is worried and the business activities are affected.

The NAB chairman dispelled the impression and asked the business community to work fearlessly with dedication for the development and prosperity of the country as per law. “The basic aim of NAB is to check corruption of government officials and corruption in public funds,” he said, adding that NAB is not against the business community which is working for the betterment of economy.