World wants to see if Taliban are practicing what they are saying : FM


ISLAMABAD, August 20 (Online): Foreign Minister (FM) Shah Mehmood Qureshi has said certain anti peace elements are active to play the role of spoiler and it is test of Afghan leadership sagacity how they cope with these challenges.

“ All are keeping eye on evolving situation in Afghanistan. All want peace and stability in Afghanistan. World wants to see if the Taliban are practicing what they are saying. We have reached the bottom of Afghan ambassador daughter kidnapping case”, he said this in a statement with reference to prevailing situation in Afghanistan. Friday.

He went on to say no one wants bloodshed in Afghanistan. All want that Afghan Taliban and former rulers should sit together and work out such political structure which is all inclusive and acceptable to all and situation should move towards normalcy.

He remarked all support the peaceful evacuation from Afghanistan. Pakistan is determined to play its positive role.

Our ambassador in Kabul is making contacts with different dignitaries. The visiting Afghan delegation has met me and Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan and we have exchanged views. All want peace.

People of Afghanistan want peace, he underlined. World wants to see Taliban are acting upon what they are saying. The other side should also give preference to interest of Afghanistan. The decision has to be taken by Afghan people . Whosoever is against peace in Afghanistan is not wishing betterment of Afghan people. We have interest in the betterment of people of Afghanistan.

All the neighboring countries have to mull over border situation together, he underlined.
I intend to visit neighboring countries within a few days so that a comprehensive strategy could be hammered out in consultation. We should learn lesson from past mistakes. We don’t want that mistakes of 90s decade are repeated. Our objective is betterment of Afghanistan and we will continue to strive for this purpose.