FIA sub inspector browbeating traders, journalists, business community to mint money


KARACHI/ISLAMABAD, August 21(Online): Ahmad Khan Meerani, Sub Inspector (SI) of Federal Investigating Agency (FIA) has turned into corruption lord amid the influx of massive reports that he has started blackmailing the traders and industrialists in Hawala, Hundi and money laundering cases to serve his personal interest of minting money.
In one corruption case he is stated to have pocketed over Rs 50 million allegedly from different business men.
On complaints of corruption, a senior journalist contacted Sub inspector Meerani to seek his stance but instead of giving his view point he involved this senior journalist in money laundering case and summoned him on Monday.
According to sources FIA State Bank Circle Karachi sub inspector Ahmad Khan Meerani is all out to black mail the traders and business men in false cases of money laundering with the brazen backing by his director FIA Sindh zones Amir Farooqi.
He issued notices to 31 leading traders and businessmen under FIR number 9/2021alleging they are involved in money laundering.
When these traders and businessmen appeared under call up notice then a sum of over Rs 50 million were allegedly extorted from them as bribery. This amount was provided to director FIA Amir Farooqui as well.
Mohsin Jameel Baig, editor in chief of Daily Jinnah and Online News Network contacted him to obtain his stance after such reports of corruption reached the media. Sub Inspector Ahmad Khan Meerani not only adopted insulting attitude with Mohsin Jameel Baig but also threatened that he would see him.
Later Mohsin Jameel Baig was summoned in FIA state bank circle Karachi on Monday under the same FIR.
Sources said this notorious sub inspector is blackmailing the business community of Punjab, Sindh and Balochistan in nexus with and backing of Director Amir Farooqui
It is pertinent to mention here that Ahmad Khan Meerani has been suspended twice in corruption cases and he was caught red handed in rape case with a woman in a hotel. He is included in the list of those FIA personnel who were reinstated during PPP regime but now Supreme Court has issued orders to sack them.
The sources disclosed that NAB too is investigating against Ahmad Khan Meerani and Amir Farooqui on corruption complaints while assets of their relatives are also being checked because the corruption complaints are flowing in scores against them. The business community is fed up; with their blackmailing. Now they have started blackmailing the journalists so that their financial corruption could not find way to the media.
The sources further said that Amir Farooqui was exiled from Sindh for his alleged involvement in different criminal cases but later he succeeded in making his reappointment in Sindh using his links with political elites.
They said Amir Farooqui is a ‘bad repute’ officer, which is a source of disgrace for the FIA.