Certain hands wearing gloves don’t want CPEC moves ahead: Sheikh Rashid


ISLAMABAD, August 23 (Online): Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid has said international conspiracies are being hatched against CPEC and certain hands wearing gloves don’t want CPEC moves ahead but we will complete it at every cost.

“ security of Pakistan army has been provided to 40 Chinese companies. We pray for peace and stability in Afghanistan. Afghan Taliban have assured that Afghan soil will not be used against Pakistan. Politics of Fazlur Rehman can be improved due to Afghanistan”, he said this while talking to media men here Monday.

He went on to say we are focusing on Afghan situation. We have taken no decision about Afghan refugees. We are providing facilities to Afghan citizens on Pakistan-Afghan borders. Bringing the people to Kabul airport is not responsibility of Pakistan. Bab-e-Dosti at chaman and Turkham borders are open. We have provided immigration facility to 1277 foreigners who have come from Afghanistan. Visas were issued to 4000 people. Visas were issued to Afghan cricket team at 12 pm night. Those who have come to Pakistan include Americans.

CPEC has become more crucial in the prevailing situation in Afghanistan, he underlined. India does not want success of CPEC. It is becoming clear from the incidents happening since the last one month that efforts are afoot to frustrate CPEC. But we will complete CPEC at every c ost.

He stated that some suspects have been arrested in 4 cases of attacks on Chinese citizens. Security of Pakistan army has been provided to 40 Chinese companies. Chinese ambassador has been assured that full security will be provided to Chinese citizens.

He underscored that the politics of Maulana Fazlur Rehman can improve due to Afghanistan situation.

Shahbaz Sharif and Maryam Nawaz are in Pakistan these days, he remarked. The time for filing application to seek permission to go abroad by Shahbaz Sharif is over. Maryam Nawaz did not seek permission to go abroad to attend Nikkah ceremony of her son. Had she sought permission I would have taken it to the cabinet, he added.