PM Imran Khan advice on Afghanistan issue was overlooked: Chaudhry Fawad


ISLAMABAD, August 30 (Online): Information Minister Chaudhry Fawad Hussain has said Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan advice on Afghan issue was overlooked.

“PM Imran Khan advice was ignored in regard to Afghanistan. Ashraf Ghani did not hold elections in Afghanistan. Broad based government was not established. A comprehensive policy has been evolved with reference to Afghan refugees. Situation will not be created like past”, he said this in an interview with TRT World,

He went on to say Pakistan had worked with Afghans for long time When Russia left Afghanistan in 1988 several problems were left behind. Now US and NATO forces have evacuated from Afghanistan fast. Pakistan is keeping a watchful eye on this matter.

He remarked Pakistan is hosting 3500000 Afghan refugees since years upon years. A coalition government and efforts of the international community are must for resolution of Afghan problem in the wake of complicated situation in Afghanistan.

He underlined Pakistan has played a responsible role with reference to Afghanistan. Our economy cannot bear more burden. Afghanistan was left alone in the past. The world is repeating the past mistake. Afghanistan should not be allowed to become the hub of extremists outfits.

He recalled that when Soviet Union left Afghanistan, we had to deal with the problems left behind and now when the US and NATO forces are leaving Afghanistan we are again in a quagmire.
The Information Minister said if Afghanistan does not get stabilized, millions of Afghans will start moving towards Pakistan. He said Pakistan is already hosting 3.5 million Afghan refugees and our economy is not strong enough to take more refugees.
Responding to a question, Chaudhary Fawad Hussain said at the moment there is no refugee crisis.
He said Pakistan has evacuated foreign nationals from Kabul. PIA evacuated more than two thousand people.
He said our borders are actually normal right now but if the instability continues in Afghanistan, then we have a comprehensive plan to deal with the migrants. He said we do not want Afghan migrants get into Pakistan but we will make arrangements for them at the border.

Pakistan is striving for stable Afghanistan, he said adding we are working with regional and international powers. An inclusive government should be formed in Afghanistan.