Country cannot make development in corrupt system: PM


NATHIA GALLI (MURREE) , Sep 06 (Online): Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan has said country cannot make development in corrupt system.

“ Overseas Pakistanis are vital asset of the country. I can understand the difficulties of Overseas Pakistanis. We will have to provide protection to overseas Pakistanis and will have to provide them confident environment”, he said this while addressing a ceremony here Monday.

He went on to say the government will have to keep in view the benefit of the people rather than its own benefit . Unfortunately we did not benefit from the overseas Pakistanis. But we will have to extend facilities for them.

He held those attacking the government don’t want supremacy of law while country cannot make development due to corrupt system. When there are no incentives for the overseas Pakistanis here then they will make investment abroad.

“we will have to focus on enhancing export and if export increases then we will be able to retire debt. Overseas Pakistanis purchase plot in Pakistan with their hard earned money but their plot is occupied by land mafia. Therefore, we will have to provide protection to them besides creating the environment of confidence and protection for them, he underlined.

He stated that people from Karachi are investing money in Dubai. Malaysian export stands at 200 billion dollars but Pakistan export will come to 30 billion dollars this time.

He underlined that we can add to national wealth by promoting tourism. If things are there for sale to other countries then the country makes progress. Our government priority is to promote tourism in the country. There is nothing except sand and deserts in Dubai but resorts are therein , he pointed out.