Narowal sports city case to be remembered as tit bit: Ahsan Iqbal


ISLAMABAD, SEP 06 (Online): PML-N leader Ahsan Iqbal has said Narowal Sports City case will be remembered as tit bit.

“PML-N is a power no matter it has two narratives or one hundred narratives. Only one month is left in the service tenure of the sitting chairman NAB. NAB launched inquiry on this base that Rs 6 billion were spent near border. In fact only Rs 2.5 billion were spent on this project”, he said this while talking to media men after appearing in the Accountability Court (AC) here Monday.

He held that NAB should be awarded noble prize how it changed Rs 2.5 billon to Rs 6 billion. Narowal city complex is 14 kilometers away from border. It was said the project was constructed at the distance of 800 meters from border. The inquiry was held on these things but no mention of these things was made in the reference.
He remarked no officer is ready to work on whatever case NAB takes up.
He alleged that false cases are being instituted to sate the thirst of vengeance of Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan.

He pointed out additional amount of Rs 2000 billion were spent on development projects. Chairman NAB and PM Imran Khan should tell who is responsible for these additional expenses. NAB has annihilated Pakistan development structure. Officers of inter provincial coordination were made co-accused. 30 to 35 officers were harassed. These officers are not ready to do any work.

He claimed billion of rupees were spent on Kartarpur corridor without approval because stick is therein. Here civilians are sent to jail after instituting cases against them. I remained in NAB custody. I know no one talks of inflation.

You should give reply that why did you raise the cost of petrol, electricity, diesel and gas. You can not give reply because you are mafia governmet.

He remarked Imran Khan asks from chairman NAB day in day out why the case has not been made out against us. He thinks we all will be in jail during election and he along will contest the election. “ sunjian ho jawan gallian wich mirza yar phirey”. We will allow any one to do say. Now it is their turn to go to jail.

He underscored that Taliban gives advice Taliban to take along all and on the other hand they play politics of revenge in their own country.