PML-N success in cantonment boards polls is beginning of new morning: Shahbaz Sharif


LAHORE, SEP 13 (ONLINE): PML-N president Shahbaz Sharif while appreciating party leaders on success of PML-N in cantonment polls has said party success from all over the country heralds in new morning for them.

In a statement issued here Monday he said the polls results from Punjab corroborate the service rendered by the party to common man. The people rejected the worst inefficiency of the incompetent rulers with the power of vote.

The inflation hit people rejected the criminals of economic disaster and unemployment in the country, he said adding PIA could afford no relief to the people despite political victimization. The people of Punjab rejected those who have deprived Punjab of development with the power of their vote.

We will come up to the trust what people have reposed on us, he announced. We will start new journey of development and resolution of problems facing the common man.