My doors are open to bar councils, lawyers on the matter of appointment of judges: CJP


ISLAMABAD, Sep 13 (Online): Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Gulzar Ahmad has said his doors are still open to the bar councils and lawyers and they should come and talk to him on the matter of appointment of judges.

He said this while addressing a full court reference held on the occasion of beginning of new judicial year here Monday.

He went on to say “ I invited the presidents of bar councils on the matter of appointment of judges several time and it was told from the presidents of bar councils that they are in Peshawar. I don’t know why the bar councils raised the matter by pursuing a unilateral stance. Opinion has always been solicited from bar councils on the matter of appointment of judges. I can not understand what were the real motives behind the protest over the matter of appointment of judges.
“The doors are still open for bar councils and lawyers. They should come and talk to me on the matter of appointment of judges.

Attorney General (AG) Javed Khan said the strength of the judges is not complete at the beginning of new judicial year of Supreme Court (SC).The lack of woman judge in superior judiciary will keep the half population deprived of its representation.

He observed the court did not stop its work even for a single day during corona. The SC gave several important decisions in previous judicial year. Two decisions remained very important. Several people were rendered jobless due to one decision of the SC and the second decision of SC reflected how much superior judiciary was helpless in the matter of harassment of women.

No distance at such scale was witnessed between bar and bench before , he said adding now the lawyers go on strike and the doors of the courts are shut. The strike was weapon of laborers and it was used against the exploitation. Now strike is being used for personal gains.

He observed the protest was held in SC last week but we exercised restraint. Now the matter of appointment of judges on seniority has become bone of contention. The element of like and dislike can be eliminated through transparency in the appointment of judges.

Member Pakistan Bar Council Amjid Shah said several crucial cases are pending hearing and not a single hearing has not taken place in respect of these cases.

The case of the dictator who trampled the constitution twice has not been fixed for hearing, he remarked. Our judiciary has passed through ups and downs in different eras. We failed in establishing the impression of neutrality and independence of judiciary. Impression is this that the judiciary is treading the paths of weakening rather than strengthening the democratic institutions.

The elected prime ministers are some time hanged and some time are crushed with the sword of contempt of court. In Panama case the constitutional parameters were overlooked and former prime minister was sent home on the basis of iqama.

The judiciary has failed in preventing the political victimization and arrests of the rivals through NAB laws, he added.

He underlined the judges of superior judiciary should not accept any post after retirement.