Russia to send aid to Afghanistan


Moscow – September 13 (Online): Russia has decided to send medical and financial aid to war-torn Afghanistan on humanitarian grounds, foreign ministry revealed, according to foreign news agency.
According to Russian foreign ministry, Moscow is working on sending food supply and medical assistance to Kabul.
Afghanistan is in dire need to assistance and aid after US withdrawal and Taliban takeover.
UAE has supplied 60 tons of food stock and medication, news agency reported.
Pakistan has also played its part and has sent 26 metric tons of aid to its western neighbor. It includes 10 tons of flour, 1.5 tons of ghee, and medical assistance.
Amidst years long war, many have fled country, while majority of Afghans became homeless. Poverty and hunger are abundant in Pakistan’s western neighboring country.
More than 5 million people have gone homeless from 2012 till now.
Keeping severe economic turmoil in view, world powers have constantly been engaging with Afghanistan and helping them with financial assistance.