Pakistan has not recognized Taliban government so far: Asad Majeed


WASHINGTON, Sep 14 (Online): Pakistan’s Ambassador to the US Asad Majeed Khan has said Pakistan has not recognized Taliban government so far and we are seeing the new Afghan government is fulfilling the expectations of international community to what extent. .

“Pakistan and US want peace in Afghanistan. Now time has come we should learn lesson from the past”, he said this in an interview with the Washington Diplomat.
He stated “my sympathies are with affectees of 9/11 and their families. Pakistan has paid heavy price in war on terror. Over 80000 people embraced shahadat and Pakistan had to suffer financial loss over 150 billion dollars.

There is a government in place in Afghanistan, he remarked. The international community should talk to it or leave it alone.
He held we want human and women’s rights to be preserved in Afghanistan.

He remarked his country wants that the Afghan territory is not used against any country including Pakistan.
The Ambassador said both Pakistan and the US want to see the end of conflict in Afghanistan. He added we would like to see that the gains Afghanistan made over the last few decades are preserved.
As regards bilateral relations with the US, Asad Majeed Khan said Pakistan does not want its relationship to be seen through any prism, be it Afghanistan, India or China.
He underlined that Pakistan-US relations should not be seen in the perspective of some third country, may it be Afghanistan, India or China. US-Pakistan relations have a history. US is the largest export point for Pakistan and is the third largest source of remittances.
It has been the stance of Pakistan from the very beginning that Afghan conflict has no military solution, he observed. Pakistan always stressed on the talks based on political reconciliation.

We talked of responsible US pull out from Afghanistan which should harmonize with progress in peace process, he underscored. Therefore, Pakistan supported intra Afghan talks.

The facts reveal that security situation in Afghanistan is under control, he indicated. There is no information of arrival of Afghan refugees on Pakistan-Afghan border.

He reiterated that Indian government is perpetuating atrocities in Occupied Kashmir. Modi government is anti peace government.

Pakistan wants to resolve all outstanding issues through dialogue, he said adding there is no other option with two countries of Pakistan and India except peace.