Today’s films have ‘pro government agenda’ says Naseeruddin Shah


Mumbai – September 14 (Online): Bollywood’s legendary actor Naseeruddin Shah has said that filmmakers now days are encouraged to make ‘pro-government’ films.
According to Indian media, in a recent interview with a news portal, Naseeruddin Shah stated that although he has not observed any outright bigotry in the film industry, he was advised to change his name back when he started out. The actor also added that he has no way of knowing whether his decision worked in his favor or not.
The veteran actor added that many filmmakers are being encouraged to make pro-government films. According to him, they are also being financed and also promised a clean chit if they make movies that are propaganda.
Naseeruddin Shah also went on to say that the kind of big-budget films that are being made today cannot disguise the jingoistic agenda.