Sanam Chaudhary says she has ‘left worldly desires for Allah’


Islamabad – September 15 (Online): Former Pakistani actress, Sanam Chaudhary who has recently announce to leave showbiz to practice religion, has said that she has ‘left worldly desires for Allah’
Married to music artist Somee Chauhan, Sanam had also changed her Instagram bio from ‘an actress’ to “A muslim, a mother and learning Islam, the deen of our creator Allah.”
Taking it to instagram, Sanam Chaudhry gave a message to her fans and followers through her Insta stories.
She mentioned that as she has left the worldly desire for Allah, likewise, she’ll not promote worldly desire to others as well. Sanam has requested the PR companies to not to send her PR’s anymore, she will not be promoting them from now onwards.
She used analogy of doing PR’s as ‘promoting fitnah’. She said that by doing paid content, she may ignite desire of buying things in anyone heart, which he/she may not afford.