Politician is looking towards West, politics is rising from East: Sheikh Rashid


ISLAMABADS, Oct 08 (Online): Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid has said “I will bid adieu to politics after Nullah Leh Expressway inauguration.
“my life mission is weak grows stronger. I am going to inaugurate Nullah Leh Express way in December. I will bid adieu politics after inauguration of Nullah Leh Expressway project and will give chance to some one else”, he said this while addressing a ceremony in Women university here Friday.

He underscored Rawalpindi figures atop in perspective of women education. Wherever I found vacant plot in Rawalpindi I got built women college therein. No one can defeat Rawalpindi because daughter of Rawalpindi is educated. Daughter of a rickshaw driver from Rawalpindi did CSS.
He held those involved in giving statements against the institutions will get nothing. Those using foul language against the institutions will fall flat.
He predicted there will be new alignment of PML-N near election. I am seeing three groups instead of two in PML-N.

He underlined that 16 months are left in the election . This country is heading towards election. We will contest next election forcefully under the leadership of Imran Khan. We will bring change under Imran Khan.
He claimed Imran Khan will win the next election as well.
He remarked Pakistan is passing through a sensitive and complex phase. 120 days of the politics are crucial. Politician is looking to West. But politics is rising from East.

He observed Imran Khan handled corona issue in better way. He will also handle Afghan issue in befitting way.

I am not such politician who will say there is no price hike. We will contain inflation under the leadership of Imran Khan.

Peace in Afghanistan is linked to peace in Pakistan and the region, he added.