Major legal amendments through NAB ordinance by govt an attack on parliament, judiciary: Shahbaz Sharif


LAHORE, Oct 08 (Online): PML-N president Shahbaz Sharif has said major legal amendments through NAB ordinance by government is not only attack on parliament but also an attack on judiciary.

Big legal amendments through NAB ordinance is mistrust on parliament and an undemocratic and unconstitutional attitude. This is not only attack on parliament but also an attack on judiciary”, he said this in a statement issued here Friday.

He went on to say government has taken step to snatch constitutional freedom of institutions by saving itself. Bringing 18 major amendments in already controversial NAB law through ordinance is escaping accountability by the government.

The ordinance is a step towards establishment of one man rule by gagging the fragile democracy in the country, he said adding the combined opposition will not allow government to snatch powers of institutions which are enshrined in the constitution. We will stop government from taking such steps in consultation with all stake holders.

Levying more tax of Rs 225 billion will prove disastrous quake of economic devastation, unemployment and inflation, he warned.

The rulers who are accepting IMF imprudent conditions are forcing the nation to commit suicide, he remarked.

He pointed out that cotton rate is at the highest level of Rs 15000 per 40 kilogram. Exporters and millers are already too much worried. Government has already taken U-Turn on its budget by raising policy rate.