How Hina Bayat’s Husband reacted to her Character in Humsafar


Karachi-October 08(Online): Prominent actress in Pakistan’s entertainment industry, Hina Khawaja Bayat shared how her husband reacts to her performances in Drama serial Humsafar.
Hina Bayat has recently appeared in TV Show aired on TV one.
In the show, Hina shared how her husband reacts to her performances.
She said, “He has recently started watching my dramas, Ishq Jalebi is my first drama that my husband is watching, he is also watching Khuda or Mohabbat these days and really liking both the drama serials and appreciated my performance. My husband got really embarrassed when everyone was talking about Humsafar and people used to meet him and tell him what his wife has been doing in the drama.”
“Once my husband came home, he was so embarrassed and said, “I have not even watched it what have you been doing in the drama?” As if I was doing it in reality.” She added.