PTI making next general elections controversial from just now: Sherry Rehman


ISLAMABAD, Nov 17 (Online): PPP leader senator Sherry Rehman has said PTI is making the next general elections controversial from now.

She tweeted Wednesday “ election rigging bill is being tabled in joint session of the parliament rather than election reforms bill. All the opposition parties including election commission have reservations on EVM.

She held summoning joint session of the parliament to bulldoze bills is condemnable.

She further stated the artificial majority which was formed in the parliament has crippled the system. The federal government which is confused is twisting the hands of its own parliamentarians. The orthopedic surgeon of Islamabad should stay alert.

She claimed opposition is united and the government will have to face the defeat.

She stated this joint session will go down in history as the one that tore the parliament apart. Any election built on an edifice of institutionalised cheating will never hold. Nor will the laws they try to bulldoze tomorrow via a manufactured majority that will fall like a house of cards