Govt wants to prolong its rule through electronic machine: Shahbaz Sharif


ISLAMABAD, Nov 17 (Online): Opposition leader Mian Shahbaz Sharif has said government wants to prolong its rule through electronic machines.

“opposition stands undeterred against the black laws. Bid is being made to approve so called election reforms to serve the personal interests despite severe objections from Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) “, he stated.

He held that ECP while raising question mark on its performance has rejected the electronic machine. Overseas are our crown. Government wants to serve its interests in the garb of overseas voting. It is government bid that its rule prolongs. But is not possible now. Those claimants of changing the country into state of Medina have buried the nation under the mountains of the inflation.

He cautioned if undemocratic and unconstitutional bills are got approved today for sake of personal interests then 220 million people of the country will not forgive it.

He held as speaker you are custodian of the house and it is your foremost obligation to take utmost care the way the bills are being tabled today.

Speaker NA Asad Qaisar said “I will not do any job illegally and undemocratically.

Mian Shahbaz Sharif said “ you should resign from your party PTI and run the house impartially. Such a blackest day of parliament of the present government has never ever been witnessed.

“I request the speaker to adjourn the house. If it is not done so then the people will not accept such draconian laws. If black law is passed then the nation will never forgive you.

He held “ they used to talk of 35 punctures and recounting in 4 constituencies. But when the election commission while raising question mark on the performance of electronic machine rejected it then how can they think of tabling this bill in the parliament. The common man would have felt ease and comforts had the government made as much efforts to lower the inflation as it employed in launching voting machine.

During PTI government change is named destruction and accountability revenge and rigging is named EVM machine, he observed.