Businessmen call for uninterrupted, low cost gas supply to industry in winter


ISLAMABAD, Nov 17 (Online): As the domestic as well as export industry is fearing to face gas supply disruptions in winter the Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry’s Businessmen Panel, has called for uninterrupted supply of gas to the industrial sector, urging the government to up-grade its distribution and supply system to avoid losses.
FPCCI’s Businessmen Panel Chairman Mian Anjum Nisar called for uninterrupted and low cost gas supply to the industrial sector, urging the government to up-grade transmission and distribution system to ensure continuous and smooth supply of electricity and gas. He urged the government not to tolerate any laxity towards up-gradation of gas and power transmission and distribution system, as any negligence could cause unbearable loss to the trade and industry. He said that the UfG of SNGPL reached around 11.9 percent and 16 percent of SSGC in financial year 2020-21 against the permissible limit of seven percent. He said that gas and electricity are basic ingredients for the industrial sector and are must to keep the wheel of industry moving. He said that growth of local industry is a barometer of economy.
The BMP Chairman observed that business-friendly policies should be adopted as other neighboring countries of the region are giving to the industry. He said that sizeable cut in oil rates would certainly bring down the cost of doing business and our products would get their due share in the global market.
Mian Anjum Nisar, who is also the former president of the FPCCI, called upon the government to address the key issues of the trade and industry, facilitate the economic growth along with improving tax revenue of the government. He said that the impact of COVID-19 has badly affected business and industrial sector, stressing the government to bring down GST in order to ease the difficulties of businesses. He said that the move would reduce the cost of doing business, attract new investment, promote industrialization and create new jobs.