Cow vigilantes attack Muslim cattle traders in Delhi, Himachal Pradesh


New Delhi, May 19 (ONLINE): Some videos have surfaced on social media showing Muslim cattle traders being assaulted and abused by mobs of cow vigilantes in New Delhi and Himachal Pradesh.
Sharing the video of the incident in Delhi, a twitter handle said: “Last night, a Delhi cow vigilante unit stormed a slaughterhouse and brutally thrashed two Muslim men over allegations of cattle slaughter”.

The blurred video shows two tied men lying on the ground and whining in pain. The attacker with a stick in his hand shouts: “See this man slaughters cows. He is circumcised (katua – a slur used by Hindu extremists for Muslims)”. The video shows a mob surrounding the basement of the building where the victims are being assaulted. The Hindutva fanatics are also shown making a video of the assault on the victims. The video does not make it clear which part of Delhi the incident occurred.

In another video making round on social media cow vigilantes attacked a poor Muslim man in Himachal Pradesh’s Shahpur district. The video shows a man attacking the cattle trader claiming that the latter brings stray cattle together and sells them. The man is seen abusing and slapping the trader.
“Hindu far-right members assaulted a Muslim cattle trader,” wrote the handle.

“He is a Muslim,” said the attacker while hounding the victim. He also snatched the mobile phone set of the trader. The attacker made some allegations against the trader and asked the video-maker to bring the camera near to him.

The trader clarified that he does not bring cows but oxen. But the attacker asked him about the permission granted to him for the cattle trade. The video showed the trader being slapped several times.
“I will take him to the police station where he will be forced to say everything. I will now take him to the police station,” said the attacker catching the cattle trader by his collar.