Power tariff likely to be scaled up by Rs 2 per unit


ISLAMABAD, May 19 (Online): Power distribution companies (CPPA) have filed application in National Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) seeking approval for scaling up power tariff by Rs 2 per unit.

It has been said in CPPA application 9.73 billion electricity units were generated in the month of April. The electricity was generated at the cost of Rs 23 per unit through furnace oil and at the cost of Rs 23.83 per unit through LNG. The electricity was imported from Iran at the cost of Rs 23.44 per unit. The electricity production cost stood at Rs 101 billion. Therefore power tariff be increased by Rs 2 per unit.

The request has been made for enhancing power tariff under the head of monthly fuel adjustment.

NEPRA will conduct hearing in this regard on May 31.

K-Electric too has filed petition in NEPRA seeking increase in power tariff by paisas 48 per unit under monthly fuel adjustment and Rs 5.17 per unit under quarterly adjustment.

NEPRA will take up K-Electric application for hearing on May 31.