Uzair Jaswal says his first song was after his ‘heart break’


Uzair Jaswal says his first song was after his ‘heart break’Singer Uzair Jaswal was recently spotted in a private television channel’s entertainment show where he talked about his musical journey.

Talking about his first song, Uzair said that the first song he did was after his hard break up and he made that song in a heartbreak situation and its not that he started music because of his heartbreak, his song got hit and became relatable to the masses.

Talking about his musical inspiration Uzair says that they had a good music listening, also he had always been seeing Yasir Jaswal and Umair Jaswal doing musical concerts which were covered by him, also they used to jam together which has built an interest in him and he became a singer. Despite this, he also said that he had an innate attraction towards music.