SC rejects PTI plea for issuing notice to EC


SC rejects PTI plea for issuing notice to EC(SC) while rejecting PTI plea for issuing notice to Election Commission (EC) has adjourned the hearing for two weeks PTI petition against EC schedule for delimitation of constituencies.

The PTI petition came up for hearing before a 2 members bench of SC presided over by Justice Ijaz ul Ahsan here Monday.

Counsel for PTI requested the court to issue notice to Election commission.

Justice Ijaz ul Ahsan remarked let the petition be marked with number. The matter of issuing notice will be seen after the number is marked .

During the hearing of the course the court stopped PTI leader Chaudhry Fawad to speak as PTI counsel.

Later talking to media men outside the court Fawad Chaudhry said we have requested SC to suspend the schedule of EC for delimitation of constituencies as it is alien to the constitution. New delimitation of constituencies can take place after new population census. EC can not delimit constituencies without the population census. If delimitation of constituencies by EC are accepted the the general election can not take place for one year.

Non holding election by EC is its sheer malafide intent, he added. EC is always ready to hold election. EC this stance that election can not take place is enough for their resignations.

He held that the crime minister undertook four foreign visits within a month. No government is in place in the largest province of the country.

He went on to say that one finance minister is sitting in London and one is in Pakistan.

He underlined that Pakistan is being made bankrupt deliberately. Pakistan is being drifted into dangerous economic crisis. Making one experience repeatedly is foolish thing.

Shahbaz be sent packing and elections be held, he demanded. We don’t want interim government not a single day beyond 90 days. Election be held in 90 days in Pakistan.

He indicated it is being said the next 48 hours are very crucial. I say that 48 hours are more for this government. Political crisis caused economic disaster . Asking army chief for the price of petroleum product is shameful.

Justice Khosa had rightly said that if law is donkey then judge should not be donkey.

PTI had left a stable economy, he claimed. Election be announced today. We will address the problems of Pakistan by sitting together.

To a question from a journalist that what will be policy of PTI if Imran Khan is arrested he said Rana Sana Ullah will be mad if he arrests Imran Khan. It will become difficult to live in Pakistan for any one who arrests Imran Khan.

Who wants to arrest Imran Khan should get prepare his passport for Combodia.

About returning official residences and vehicles he said we don’t want to hand over the official residences and vehicles to thieves.