Anushka Sharma taking all batting tips from Virat Kohli for film ‘Chakda Express’


Star Anushka Sharma revealed that she is receiving help from hubby Virat Kohli for the film Chakda Xpress.

The actress has been working and training hard in the summer heat as she is set to play bowler Jhulan Gosswami and will be part of the field.

In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, the Zero actress said, “We definitely discuss my progress.

Whenever I’ve had a good day learning, I like to share my videos with Virat, to get his feedback.

Luckily, he’s not a bowler so I listen to my coach more. But I do turn to Virat for batting tips.”

She added, “I always appreciated how mentally pressurizing it can be to play cricket, but now, I also understand how physically draining it is.”

“I remember when Virat would sometimes come to see me on a film set, and he would watch us on late-night shoots or in very cold places, he would be bewildered and wonder how we were able to do it.

Now, I talk to him about the things that he’s been doing for so many years,” she concluded.