Aima Baig harsh reply to singer Amanat Ali


Singer Aima Baig has given a strong reply to singer Amanat Ali for calling her “arrogant”.

Earlier in an interview, Amanat Ali had called Aima Baig ‘arrogant’ and had advised her to be humble if she wants to run long in this race of stardom.

“When you don’t want to do a duet with someone, you just don’t. Simple is that. Also, people I have never even met sharing some unsolicited advice is the most bizarre thing,” Aima wrote in her instagram story, reacting to Amanat’s statement.

“Anyhow, this person advising me, should probably focus on making some good music to get some attention,” she further wrote.

Aima said people who had worked with her, they loved her.

“People who have actually worked with me, love me the way I am.

I am one super straight kind of person,” she said.