Emergency meeting of Radio Pakistan’s CBA Union United Staff Organization


An emergency meeting of Radio Pakistan’s CBA Union United Staff Organization was held at Central Union Office under the chairmanship of Chairman Ahmad Nawaz Khan. The news against a great institution like Radio Pakistan and its chief director general was carefully scrutinised in the media.

At the meeting, all union members agreed that all legal requirements for the auction of trees had been met and that no irregularities had been found. The news is baseless, fabricated and based on malice. He further emphasized that the role of the Chief Director General of the radio was played on the basis of personal obstinacy which is an honest, hardworking and spotless senior officer with a good reputation.
He said that the meeting was informed by Senator Irfan Siddiqui in a letter without knowing the facts. There were trees which were useless trees and they were auctioned in a regular newspaper and through two committees all the legal requirements were met and 100 per cent merit was paid. Both the committees consisted of senior responsible officers. It was further informed in the meeting that more than 300 new saplings have been planted in place of the felled trees and more trees will be planted in the monsoon season.

On the occasion, Secretary General Muhammad Ijaz said that last year Radio Pakistan was on the brink of disaster but the present Director General took several concrete and practical steps to save the institution from collapse by installing new transmitters and renovating all the buildings of Radio Pakistan. Positive practical steps have been taken to increase the sources of income including payment of medical bills to the employees for many years, and promotion to the positions of the employees which have been suspended for many years, which are commendable.

Paying homage, the participants said that in the history of Radio Pakistan, such a head organization has not been found.