Pooja Hegde lost luggage on way to Cannes


Star Pooja Hegde had faced a major fashion crisis just before arriving at the Cannes for the festival.

The starlet struggled all the way as she lost all her luggage which carried her outfits, hair and makeup products.

One of her suitcase was left behind in her car in India while one got lost in Paris, where she had a connecting flight.

In an interview with Film Companion, the Radhe Shyam actress said, “We lost all our hair products, makeup, we lost outfits.

Thankfully I brought a couple of real jewelry pieces from India which I had hand-carried. We landed, we had this upon us. We couldn’t cry about it because we didn’t have time to do that.

I think probably my manager panicked more than me. But I was like, ‘okay fine.”

”Let’s get into the car. Let’s do fittings here.

I will figure out the outfit and my team was there.

My team ran, they got new hair products, new makeup, all of that, trying to make time, and it was crazy. We have had no lunch, no breakfast.

I had my first meal of the day in the night (of red carpet appearance). So it was pretty hectic. My hairstylist had food poisoning, so he was gonna pass out and he was doing my hair. I have a stand-up team, I am here because of them.”

She further added, “I was like ‘what the hell is happening’ when my makeup artist said we checked in your one bag and I’m like, ‘there were two bags.’ So one was left behind in India, and my face really fell.

And then it turns out we had no bags, but by then I was so prepared because I already had my crazy experience. But normally I’m a fighter…

So we did disaster management, and it all turned out beautifully, hopefully, on the red carpet.”

However, Pooja’s red carpet appearance at the Cannes 2022 altered her worries as she exuded grace in a pink strapless gown with a feather skirt.