Ali Zafar says he won’t be acting in dramas anytime soon


In a rare online interaction, singer and actor Ali Zafar revealed that he will not be seen on the small screen anytime soon, despite his fans’ insistence.

Stuck with a cancelled flight on a Sunday meant Zafar turning to Twitter and tweeting: “Flight cancelled…am bored. Let’s do a Q & A? Koi mazay ka sawaal(any funny question).

To this, one fan questioned: “Do you have any plan to work in the drama industry? Since Atif is working as well.”
Much to the disappointment of his fans, Zafar replied: “Ammm.. Abhee nahi shayad (not right now, maybe).”

Meanwhile, Zafar went on to answer some more interesting questions in the thread, including on that asked: “Shehzad Roy aur ap kab bodhay (Old) hogaye??? Abi Tak Jawan Ho (When will you and Shehzad Roy get old? You’re still young).”

Replying with a tongue-in-cheek response, Zafar said: “Btw I was a kid when he started singing on TV!”

However, as funny as Zafar’s response might’ve been, another fan pointed out some factual errors in the Rockstar crooner’s answer, saying: “Love you both, I was a kid when you both started singing. However, aren’t you like 42 and @ShehzadRoy is 44 (just a 2-year gap) Not much of an age gap to be making such a comment.”
The user, named Hamza Ali Haroon, further wrote: “If @ShehzadRoy started singing in 90’s at age 15 then you must be 13.”