Pakistan’s decisions not to be made behind closed doors: Asad Umer


Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Secretary General Asad Umer said on Monday that the Pakistan’s decision will not take place behind the doors after 25 May, day when his party’s long march is set to reach Islamabad.

Taking to his twitter account, ex-federal minister wrote that people of Pakistan will rewrite history by God’s will, as the preparations [for PTI mach] are complete.

He said Pakistan’s decision will neither be made behind the close doors nor any external power influence them.

He ended the tweet with few word of ‘Faiz Ahmed Faiz’ famous poem “hum dekhein gy” (bas naam rehy ga ALLAH ka aur raj kry ge khaliq-e-khuda) only remains God name and the people will rule themselves.