Court can do what if the political parties will not sit together and talk: IHC


Islamabad (Muhammad Basharat – Online): Islamabad High Court (IHC) has remarked the court can do what if the political parties will not sit together and talk.

The court further remarked this is job of the government. They too taunt on social media. Why those who went missing under forced disappearances in the past have not been recovered so far.

The court observed the court gives decision but it is not implemented. All have to play their constitutional role together. See now that Shireen Mazari was lifted illegally from the jurisdiction of this court. This court can give this judgment that that she was lifted illegally. The former government functionaries kept on taunting on social media instead of doing work. This is being done so today too. Shireen Mazari is not the only MNA with whom this all has been done.
The petition against arrest of Shireen Mazari came up for hearing before single bench of IHC led by Chief Justice (CJ) Athar Minallah Tuesday.

Additional Attorney General (AAG) and Deputy Attorney General (DAG) appeared in the court.
AAG told the court that time be given for constitution of commission.

The court remarked Ali Wazir is detained since several months. This is job of federation, provincial governments and parliament. When they are in government they don’t do any work and when they are in opposition they bring the cases in the court. The democracy becomes dysfunctional due to such things. If all the institutions do their job then such petitions will not come to the courts.

Faisal Chaudhry advocate told the court the court’s orders were violated at night when they went to the residence of Walid Iqbal. The orders of this court have been sent to Punjab authorities. The matter has been referred to speaker National Assembly (NA) and chairman Senate.

The court remarked these people forget in their political tussles that they are answerable to the people of their respective constituencies.

Advocate General (AG) Punjab Jahangir Jadoon told the court the former government registered the cases of 20 kilogram heroin.

The court remarked the people come to the court that commission be constituted. This is federal government mandate.

AAG told the court the court’s orders will be implemented in letter and spirit.

Emman Mazari advocate told the court she has been threatened but she is not deterred by these threats.

The court remarked “ you bring the cases of marginalized sections of society. There is no forum to hear the voice of Baloch students. The court issued order which was challenged by the federal government. The court respects political leadership but their job is not only to give statements and deliver speeches.

The court further remarked people used to say what is constitution. Only it is a piece of paper. There is respect for parliamentarians because they are voice of electorates of their constituencies. This court is seeing that misuse of powers by the state is continuing persistently. Every political institution should play pro-active role now. Here advocate general Islamabad told the court that they say they will block the entire Pakistan. Government will not be allowed to run. One man has gone to IMF to talk. They say the talks should meet failure.

Government runs with the cooperation of opposition. They should come and sit in the parliament. Case against Shireen Mazari was registered during Buzdar government. Her phone has been returned to Shireen Mazari.

Faisal Chaudhry advocate told the court the political victimization is underway in the entire Pakistan. If custody of Shireen Mazari is needed then permission from court be obtained.

The court remarked such action will be contempt of court after the previous order of the court has been issued . This court has written several things in its order. This is test case for federal government.

The CJ IHC directed Advocate General Islamabad to study this order again attentively.

The AG told the court two weeks time be given to us in this regard.

On the objection raised by Faisal Chaudhry that they are demanding too much time, the AAG requested the court to give one week time.

The court adjourned the hearing of the case till May 30.