US spends billions on creating new pathogens — Russian Security Council’s secretary


Russian Security Council Secretary Nikolay Patrushev has drawn attention to the United States’ heavy spending on the creation of new pathogens.

In an interview to the weekly Argumenty i Fakty he commented on speculations that the Western pharmaceutical companies were interested in the spread of dangerous diseases and humanity’s daily dependence on medical drugs.

“Some experts suspect that the novel coronavirus was created artificially, at the Pentagon’s laboratories with assistance from a number of major transnational pharmaceutical companies,” Patrushev said. He added that “the Clintons’, Rockefellers’, Soros’ and Bidens’ foundations were involved in this work against the security of government guarantees.”

“Instead of taking care of humanity’s health Washington spends billions on research into new pathogens,” Patrushev stated.

He pointed out that “the Western medicine has been using genetic engineering and synthetic biology methods ever more actively, thus erasing the border line between the artificial and the natural”.