Case Registered Against Iman Mazari for using Obscene Language against Army Leadership


A case has been registered against Iman Mazari, daughter of former Federal Minister for Human Rights Shirin Mazari, for using obscene language against the army leadership under serious provisions.

According to the information, case No. 436/22 under Sections 505 and 138 has been registered in Ramna Police Station on the complaint of Advocate General GHQ Colonel Syed Humayun Iftikhar which it has been requested that the said girl Iman Mazari was produced before the court yesterday. Standing in the compound of Alia, he used insulting words against the army leadership when he demanded the release of his mother Shirin Mazari.

FIR Against Iman Mazari
FIR Against Iman Mazari

It was said in the Supreme Court that the door of justice has been knocked under the protection given in the constitution and law by the military establishment. According to the FIR, from 5 to 6 pm on May 21, Shirin Mazari’s daughter Iman Mazari made baseless allegations against the Pakistan Army and its chief.

The Army leadership was deliberately targeted. The deliberate remarks were intended to provoke the ranks and file of the Army. It is tantamount to inciting the officers and soldiers to disobey the order. Strict legal action should be taken against Iman Mazari under the relevant laws. After the military has taken legal action, the examination of the justice system has started. Society will raise its voice for justice in the same way as the army raised for others has adopted the path of law and justice to get justice. It is a historic occasion for the system of justice to decide this case on 100% merit.

Being a woman, being innocent should not be justified. The army should implement the law on the protection afforded in the constitution.