Islamabad Mayor Shaikh Ansar Aziz has resigned from his post


Islamabad, Oct. 06 (Online): Islamabad Mayor Shaikh Ansar Aziz has resigned from his post, says in media reports.
As per details, Aziz has submitted his resignation to the Election Commission of Pakistan for approval. The mayor cited interference of the federal government into the matters of the Local Government as reason for leaving the post. Ansar Aziz was set to retire from federal capital’s mayorship after four months.
Earlier this year, a reference had been filed against Aziz who is affiliated with opposition party PML-N in which it was alleged that he was abusing his powers, using staff for personal use, and operating official vehicles that were reportedly beyond his entitlement.
Taking notice of the matter, the federal government suspended Sheikh Ansar Aziz for 90 days over corruption charges. Later, the Islamabad High Court allowed Islamabad Mayor Sheikh Ansar Aziz to resume his official duties, setting aside the government’s orders for his suspension for 90 days.