How Sheltering in Place Could Be Throwing Your Skin Out of Balance


Staying inside for long periods of time can have effects on your skin. Dry air, stress, and a change in skincare routine can all disrupt your skin health. Mild soaps, moisturizers, and do-it-yourself facials can help keep your skin healthy.

Physical distancing affects many aspects of our lives and our skin may be feeling it, too.

The air inside is often drier than the air outside we have the heater on and the air is being recirculated. Drier air leads to drier skin, so it’s common to have eczema or other dry skin rashes get worse when stuck indoors for increased amounts of time.

Focusing on cleanliness also plays a part. Certainly, during this time when we are frequently washing our hands, bathing, and cleaning, these actions can take a toll on the skin barrier, altering the skin pH and disrupting the complex fat and carbohydrate composite that is the outer barrier of the skin.

Disruption to your skincare routine can also wreak havoc.

It may also be due to touching our face a lot more.

When we are inside and not wearing any makeup or having any social activity, we may be more inclined to touch or pick our face when no one is looking.

This could cause our skin to become inflamed and [promote] acne and pimples.

Good exfoliation removes the dead skin cells clogging the skin and reveals new cells below. And more importantly, good exfoliation opens the way for your skin masks, moisturizers, or other beauty products to penetrate your skin more deeply. And you can benefit more from your beauty treatment.