PTI dissident member of Punjab Assembly Ayesha Nawaz files appeal plea in SC against EC decision regarding her de-notification


PTI dissident member of Punjab Assembly (PA) Ayesha Nawaz has challenged Election Commission (EC) decision regarding her de-notification in Supreme Court (SC).

The petitioner has taken plea in her appeal the decision made by EC in connection with her de-notification runs contrary to the law. EC violated the principles set by SC in its decisions.

EC decision runs against the facts. The declaration from party head is not as per law. No distinction has been made between the offices of party head and parliamentary head in EC decision.

Show cause were not even issued by PTI leadership as per law. The show cause were issued from previous dates.

No directives were issued by PTI head and parliamentary party to PTI members of Punjab Assembly during Chief Minister Punjab election. One who has filed reference has filed it due to his defeat.

The petitioner prayed the court in her appeal plea to nullify the EC decision besides suspending the EC decision till SC decision.